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Areas of Practice

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Areas of Practice


Creating a business? Stomped on whether you need a corporation, partnership or limited liability company (LLC)? Choosing the type of entity and how to structure the entity's ownership and management functions can be a important decision.

Dwight & Gary have assisted clients in forming their business entity and in modifying their business structures as needed.

Our firm also handles business litigation, whether its representing individuals or the business.



Let's face it: our roads are dangerous. From texting while driving to self-driving vehicles, safety hazards present travelers with unexpected accidents and unexpected losses. If you are involved in an accident, our legal system typically allows an injured person to recover damages from the person or entity at fault.

Knowing if and how you can recover your damages can be complicated and frustrating. We can to answer these questions and more from the initial consultation through the day of trial.

real estate closings and property law

Buying a home, vacant lot or commercial property? You have the right to select your own closing attorney.

David Dwight, the founder of the Dwight Law Firm, provided title services and real estate closings for decades. We have transitioned these services to our title company, Safeguard Title, LLC. Through our licensed title insurance agents and attorneys, Safeguard Title is continuing the tradition of providing prompt and proficient closings for buyers, sellers, lenders and real agents.

Dwight & Gary also represents clients in matters involving property law, including land ownership disputes, subdivision development, right of way issues and property boundaries.

Visit our Real Estate Closings & Title Services page.

workers compensation

Louisiana law provides benefits for individuals who are injured on the job. These benefits are commonly referred to as workers compensation or workers comp. It is imperative that injured workers are educated on the procedure of successfully receiving these benefits immediately following the work accident. This procedure includes selecting a treating physician and working with insurance adjusters to coordinate the receipt of benefits.

Our firm protects injured workers' rights by guiding them through this complicated process. From coordinating benefits to litigating disputes, we have the experience in assisting injured workers receive the benefits that they need to recover and return to work.  

SUCCESSIONS and estate planning

When a person dies in Louisiana or he/she owns properly located in Louisiana, a succession may need to be filed in order to properly allocate for and transfer the assets of  decedent's estate. Also, if the decedent has a will, that will must be probated to effectively implement the wishes of the decedent.

Our firm can guide a surviving spouse, heir and others through the legal process of addressing the assets and debts of a decedent.  Whether its the filing of a simple succession, probating a last will and testament or litigating complicated estate law issues, we have handled a full range of succession matters.

Dwight & Gary also assists clients with estate planning, through the drafting of wills and trusts.

property damages and insurance claims

Hurricanes, windstorms and fires can be destructive to homes and commercial buildings, and temporarily shut down businesses. As a homeowner or business, you may have first party insurance coverage that covers damages to your property and interruptions to your business. This coverage may be found in your homeowner's policy, business property policy or business owner's policy.

Our attorneys have successfully resolved first party insurance claims involving damages to homes, churches and businesses. These damages included partial or full destruction of property, loss of use of property and business interruption.


energy law - oil & gas and pipelines

Energy law has a long and storied history in Louisiana. Recent technological advances and highly productive shale formations will ensure that oil and gas exploration will continue to affect the owners of mineral rights.

Our attorneys have represented clients in protecting their mineral rights, whether it is advising clients on executing mineral leases or litigating disputes over mineral ownership. We have also examined surface and mineral title for oil and gas exploration companies.

We have also represented landowners in negotiating and litigating pipeline right of ways and easements.